The soul of the brand
lies in its origin.

The Italian craftsmanship defines the timing and procedures of the production process, synonymous with quality and prestige.

Umani brings back the luxury of a golden era by designing and producing by hand its shirts in the heart of Italy.

Handmade in Italy becomes then more than just a lable: it is the expression of a philosophy that goes beyond culture and history, style and elegance, and defines once again the terms for excellence, quality and prestige.

Sartorial production and online sale of men’s shirts made of high quality italian fabrics

The craftsmen and seamstresses who make Umani shirts only use the best Italian cottons and linens, carefully selected from the best that our country has to offer.

Every shirt is a declaration of love to Italy, conveying everything that Italy is: class, style, elegance, prestige, quality, beauty.


To bring the Italian dolce vita
all over the world


Living la Dolce Vita